Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Protecting your agency or enterprise against today’s existing and emerging threats requires a strategy focused on risk rather than potential threats. Understanding the types of targeted and opportunistic attacks and their impacts to your organization is the foundation of that strategy.

Threat intelligence plays a critical support role to your risk planning through its ability to focus on adversarial behavior and their associated techniques, tactics and procedures. It provides a situational awareness outside an organization’s area of control or visibility. When used effectively it informs decisions on where time, resources and budget are allocated in order to defend your organization and employees while still enabling your mission or business.

 A Threat Intelligence capability primarily collects, analyzes and actions intelligence gathered from adversarial activity in the deep and dark web, encrypted chat channels and open-sourced online communities. It’s often broken down into three subcategories:

  • Strategic: Broader intelligence trends that typically can be consumed by both a technical and non-technical audience. This data is used to inform strategic decisions.
  • Tactical: Outlines the tactics, techniques and procedures of threat actors aimed at a more operations-based or technical audience.
  • Operational: Technical indicators and details about specific attack vectors and campaigns used primarily to support IT and security infrastructure.

SmartPoint offers an array of platforms, products and services that comprehensively provide Threat Intelligence support across all three categories and can be utilized for detecting strategic trends in addition to customizing specific collections in order to help defend your organization, employees, customers, constituents and infrastructure. Solutions scale from enterprise-wide global deployment capabilities to special projects that support your mission or customized business needs.