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Protect Your Schools with a Comprehensive Suite of Online Activity Monitoring, Intelligence, and Rem

Updated: Jul 25

America’s K-12 information technology and physical security leaders are grappling with how to efficiently contend with what seems like an accelerating rate of threats to their IT infrastructure, online presence, brand reputations and student safety. On one hand, sophisticated cyber criminals are attempting to profit by misleading victims with convincingly forged websites and taking over schools’ online accounts. On the other hand, an increasing number of social media platforms are making it easier than ever to post and discuss dangerous and illegal content while on and off school grounds. All of this is making the administration’s duty to protect what’s most important more challenging, increasing school system’s exposure to the risk of litigation, and taking valuable attention away from their core charters to serve children with quality education in a safe and enriching environment.

Removing the headache of piecing together complex solutions from multiple sources, SmartPoint Solutions has launched a simply structured cyber security suite of online activity monitoring, intelligence and removal services tailored for primary and secondary education systems.

Bundled Capabilities Include

  1. Threat actor monitoring and alerting - Be notified when threat actor groups are actively leveraging stolen data or are involved in malicious activity that could impact you across the open and dark webs

  2. Preventing account takeover (ATO) - Automatically detect when school-affiliated email accounts are exposed and take action to mitigate compromise

  3. Brand exposure protection - Identify fake social media accounts and unauthorized use of logos

  4. Phishing and fraud protection - Protect your students, families and staff by continuously scanning for fraudulent websites and flagging them for removal within minutes

  5. Online content removal - Flag dangerous web and social media content for automated removal, within 60 seconds on average

  6. Analyst consultation - The team works with you to establish rigorous cyber security operating procedures and assess risks

  7. Software vulnerability notification - Receive rapid notice when security vulnerabilities are discovered that impact your software ecosystem

These proven capabilities are put to work every day by some of the world’s most recognized brands in business, and now one of America’s largest education systems with over 200,000 students attending more than 200 schools.

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