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Cybersecurity Solutions 
for Your Industry


Our founding members are highly respected physicians with decades of training from top institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, and the University of Virginia. These extensive connections in the healthcare world translate into a vast industry network. Whether you need medical equipment delivery, IT solutions, or cybersecurity consultations, we have the experience to help your company succeed.

Banking & Financial Services

We provide banking and financial services, with an extensive track record of clients including the IRS, PNC Bank, the IMF, Standard Chartered, and many more. 


We are an integral part of multiple K-12 school systems and universities in the United States. We offer myriad social media and monitoring services geared towards education and protecting school networks.

Energy & Utilities

In the energy sector, we optimize energy grid protection, having multiple closed deals with companies such as Mitre in order to assist Intel, Micron Technology, and other manufacturers.


SmartPoint takes pride in government contracting. We have an extensive track record with multiple federal agencies including the FBI, IRS, DHS, DoD and more. In addition, many of our partners are on various contract vehicles as well, allowing us access should your needs require them.